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Who We Are

Chances are, if fibreglass products are a part of your business activity, you will know of our existence. CFS Fibreglass has been in business for over thirty years supplying products to individuals and companies in the GRP industry. We have a well-established reputation for providing technical advice, expertise and exceptional service.

Our online presence began very early on, and so we are in the vanguard of using the power of new information communication technologies to speed up ordering and purchasing. This brand new website is a part of that process. We also keep a close eye on future trends in product development and new techniques in the industry.

Our philosophy is simple. We have always aimed to be a leader in our industry and not a follower.

If we can help you to successfully develop your business in a competitive and sometimes even hostile economic climate, we know that in turn you will become a firm foundation for our business and we will remain a leading industry presence.


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