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At CFS we have all the products you need to ensure your fibreglassing project is a success.

We stock our own extensive range of materials, as well as products from fantastic brands such as West System, International and Bonda.

Our range of products includes:

  • Resins - we have a wide selection of various resins including polyester, epoxy, casting and vinylester among others
  • Gelcoats and Topcoats/Flowcoats - clear and coloured (we can mix colours to your specification)
  • Resin Additives and Fillers - including styrene, wax solution, jewels, metal powders, glass bubbles and colloidal silica among others
  • Fibreglass Mat and Fabrics - we stock CSM and other fabrics in various weights, and also provide specialist fabrics such as Carbon Fibre and Kevlar
  • Marine Paints and boat maintenance products - including antifouling
  • GRP Roofing materials - a wide range of supplies including resins, topcoats and trims
  • Craft materials - including casting resins and fillers, clay and plasticine, mould making rubbers, plaster and alginate.
  • Tools and PPE - we have a huge range of rollers, brushes, buckets and other tools, including power tools, and also a wide range of safety clothing and equipment.


If you would like to view the full range of products we have available, please Log In if you have a trade account with us, or visit our retail site - - to buy now.